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About  Elkington

Elkington sits on what was part of the original land grant of 9,000 acres given by Chief Debedeavon to the first settler, Thomas Savage, in 1619. The 500 acres the home sits on stayed in the Savage family until 1747 when it was sold to William Tazewell. The home that still stands today was started in 1747 and finished around 1799 by Thomas Savage V.  John Stratton purchased the property and home after moving from Old Castle, across Savage's Neck, and named the home Elkington after Thomas Savage's first wife, Ann Elkington. Over time, the property and homestead has changed owners. The current owner's family purchased Elkington in 1946 and is now run by the great-granddaughter as an event venue. 

About Elizabeth


Elizabeth Dodd Russell is the owner and operator of Elkington Events along with help from her family and friends. Elizabeth's family can be traced back thirteen generations on the Eastern Shore. She grew up in the town of Eastville and spent weekends at Elkington with her grandparents.


After graduating from Hollins University and working elsewhere, it was back to the east coast for Elizabeth. The dream of Elkington Events has finally become reality. If you are from the Eastern Shore there is a sense about being connected. There is a laid back lifestyle, sunsets in the backyard, and rich history everywhere you step. One day soon, Elizabeth and her husband, Will, hope to move into Elkington as their permanent residence.


The smokehouse was finished in May of 2016.

About the home, Elkington


Elkington is unique since most of the home is original. It is a typical Eastern Shore style home; big house, little house, colonnade and kitchen. The "big house" has square porches at the front and rear and a two story porch at the west entrance. All four porches have different columns.

The nails, lumber and bricks were made on site. The windows are extremely unique to the Eastern Shore. The window post is one piece and was milled to serve as exterior trim. All of the windows and sills are pegged together. 

The preservation of the exterior started in 2013. The renovations will hopefully preserve the extremely well-built home for another 270 years. 

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